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Revitalizing & Rebranding a Community

Spring Creek Towers

The private owners of this 20,000 person residential community (formerly Starrett City) engaged Alyce Russo and Lee Weintraub Landscape Architect Community Design to create a plan to redevelop 100-acres of monotonous grassy open space to help reassert a neighborhood sensibility and unique identity – all with an eye toward revitalizing and rebranding this urban community.

Weintraub and Russo facilitated collaborative working sessions with community groups, owners and maintenance staff. The investigation identified a lack of existing spatial hierarchy and a non-responsive program of open space for the youth and elderly. It was decided that the site would be reorganized around the development of four parks, two of which are nearing completion.

Weintraub and Russo applied the same hierarchy principle to the built environment, and provided design performance standards for existing buildings to visually differentiate public buildings from more private ones. Weintruab and Russo also recommended and implemented a new name and identity program, Spring Creek Towers.

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